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“There is nothing average about dahlias. They are flowers with pizzazz and purpose, oozing personality and character. The bold, cheerful colours engage you despite yourself; the feisty, dramatic shapes seek to startle and the intense, mathematical flower forms captivate. Love them or hate them, it is just not possible to look a well-grown dahlia in the eye and feel nothing for it.”

In Dahlias I explore the history of the dahlia from its Aztec origins and its highs and lows as a cultivated plant, to its current status as one of the most adored flowers on the planet. It includes profiles of more than 60 beautiful varieties, revealing their charms and assets together with practical cultivation tips for any garden. Both beautiful and useful – perfect as a gift or to treat yourself!


"Lavishly photographed...if you haven't already fallen in love with dahlias, this book will surely convert you." -- Daily Mail gardening books of the year roundup

Dahlias, by Naomi Slade, photography by Georgianna Lane, published by Pavilion 2018

Hardcover - 240 pages


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