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an orchard odyssey

Published by Green Books, 2017
An Orchard Odyssey cover.jpg

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An Orchard Odyssey is a gloriously illustrated resource for fruit-lovers everywhere, Packed with inspirational ideas and practical advice, it shows how orchard living can be incorporated into every lifestyle, no matter how busy or short of space you are.


"A horticultural fairytale, it also provides a practical roadmap to getting started - even in the increasingly tiny modern garden." --James Wong, ethnobotanist, TV presenter, garden designer and writer

"For over 30 years I have grown ornamentals wit never a thought for planting fruit trees, until now. Naomi combines a dream with a challenge for the future. Count me in." --Roy Lancaster, broadcaster, plantsman, gardener and author


"Good to see both home growing and commercial considerations covered. Well done!" --Martin Crawford, Agroforestry Research


"This delightful book takes us on a sensual stroll through the orchard landscape, conveying both the romance and the practicalities of growing fruit trees." --Ben Pike, author of The Fruit Tree Handbook


"From scrumping hedgerow fruits and King Henry VIII to the random seedling cider orchards of New America, this is a major contribution to pomology, offering education, history and entertainment." --Tom Burford, author of Apples of North America: Exceptional Varieties for Growers, Gardeners and Cooks


"Fruit trees offer the least work for the greatest return...Let this book be your starting point" --Jane Perrone, The Guardian; Listed by The Guardian among The Best Gardening Books of 2016


“Inspiring.” --Constance Craig-Smith, Daily Mail


“Naomi Slade, has produce[d] a very well written book on orchards which is full of detail, history, mystery and anecdote …  Good books on orchards are very far and few between and it is a real pleasure to read this one. I just love this concept!” --Gerry Edwards, Chairman of the RHS Fruit Committee, in The Garden


“The sumptuous nostalgic images in the book inspire the gardener to incorporate fruit wherever possible either as part of a mixed planting, hedge or orchard setting. More so, the book encourages the reader to delight in the harvest whether owned or foraged.” --Sarah Morgan, The Garden Design Journal


“Naomi Slade offers fresh thoughts on growing fruit in the smaller gardens of many modern grow your own gardeners... It is, as the title suggests, an endless journey with helpful nuggets of information and anecdotes that mark the way.” --Barbara Segall, Herbs, The Journal of the Herb Society


“Naomi Slade's new book is worthy of a place on everyone's coffee table or bookshelf, providing readers with the tools 'for the job'” --Malcolm Withnall, The Horticulturist

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