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Hydrangeas: Beautiful varieties for home and garden

Published by Pavilion, July 2020
hydrangeas front cover.jpg

It is indisputable, hydrangeas are experiencing a renaissance. This humble cottage garden staple is now lauded and rejoiced in; a flower that is becoming not just fashionable, but ultimately desirable. Embraced by floral designers and tastemakers as the epitome of floristry-chic and by landscape architects and home gardeners for their glamorous, versatile and long-lasting blooms.


Celebrating this astonishing flower in all its exuberance, Hydrangeas captures the varying forms and colours that have brought about the ascent of this chameleon bloom.


Following on from the success of Dahlias this contemporary guide features over 50 of the most beautiful hydrangea varieties. From the elegant and airy blooms of Beauté Vendômoise, to bold and brilliant Harlequin, hydrangeas bring style and drama to your garden and home.

Photography by Georgianna Lane


"A timely book, reappraising a shrub that is returning into fashion, lavishly illustrated and focusing on the best varieties to grow. The writing is zestful and the descriptions clear and informative" -- John Hoyland, Gardens Illustrated, July 2020

"Instantly re-educates and inspires, leaving one determined to uproot half the garden and replant it with hydrangeas." --- Rachel de Thame, Sunday Times, 29th November 2020

"This is an absolutely beautiful book, Naomi's descriptions are so insightful and the photography by Georgianna Lane is exquisite" -- Beautiful Heirloom Home, Aug 2020

"Like standing in front of a stained glass window. Utterly gorgeous photographs and inspiring writing... Colourful and wonderfully inspiring … Naomi captures the very essence of hydrangeas and what makes them special” -- Karen Gimson, The Bramble Garden Blog

"Beautiful and definitive... It's a highly enjoyable read, as well as a very practical handbook" -- Alexandra Campbell, The Middle-sized garden blog. And find video here

"Naomi's lively style makes the book entertaining as well as informative" --The Chatty Gardener blog

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